Biorestorations are available for all indications including crowns, bridges , veneers, inlays, onlays, rbr, partials and nightguards. Each biorestoration now comes with an exclusive 5 year guarantee from date of manufacture and include a biocertificate to guarantee the purity of each restoration.
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additional product lines

We apply the latest technology in processing your PFM restorations to ensure ideal fit, contacts, occlusion and excellent esthetics.
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Captek is an advanced metallurgic technology for producing high gold metal substructures for crowns and bridges.
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Recigno technical consultants will work closely with you to guarantee the perfect outcome - satisfied patients.

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Trugold restorations feature digital waxup of frames for fabrication of single unit crowns up to 6 unit bridges.
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SuperTemps temporaries fill the immediate need for interim crown and bridge restorations. Available in 4 options.
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Full Cast crowns are designed for the ultimate in esthetics and functions and and cast to precisely replicate the natural anatomical features.
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Designed for the value conscious patient , lower cost denture features RLine teeth and basic finish. 10 day delivery time.
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Lucitone 199 Acrylic, available in Vita’ and Bioform Shades, detailed Festooning, customized Tooth Setup.
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Need description and images Need description and images Need description and images
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Our best partial option, bego partials feature wironium alloy For excellent clasp adjustability and a comfortable patient fit.
Vitallium 2000 partials are the smaller, lighter better fitting partials. Delivered with identalloy sticker to verify alloy.
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Designed for the value conscious patient, lower cost partial features Rline teeth and Wironit alloy from Bego. 10 day turnaround.
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Valplast flexible base resin is a biocompatible nylon thermoplastic with unique physical and aesthetic properties. Includes warranty card.
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Recigno customizes bleaching trays to doctor and patient specifications.Our better fit helps with patient compliance .
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Greater tensile strength and toughness offer superior energy absorption, affording the wearer with the ultimate in oral protection.
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