Recigno uses a brand-new, state-of-theart Sauer Ultrasonic 20 milling machine to manufacture all biorestoration products. Unlike many small tabletop or compact machines, the combination of ultra precise magnetic drive motors, ultrasonic technology and 5-axis milling insures that your biorestorations have the ultimate fit, precise margins and are not induced with cracks or other imperfections that can show up later after seating.

better fit

With the old wax process, technicians polished and finished the casting by hand, which could lead to distortion and grinding inconsistencies. Quality often depended on whether a technician had a good or bad day. Recigno laboratories uses a laser-scanning process and ultrasonic milling technology that guides the manufacture of each biorestoration, whether it be a crown, bridge, veneer, inlay or onlay—a much more accurate method that insures a better fit, and no microfracture of the coping or frame.

better morphology

Unique computer algorithms simulate the ideal tooth, and precise anatomy correlations guide the high-tech fabrication process, so you can be assured that all features will be in place on the finished biorestoration.

better esthetics

Only biocrown gives you the choice of all-ceramic or porcelain layered onto an alumina, zirconia, titanium or NP coping or frame, offering you the ability to select the most esthetic option for each part of the mouth.

better biocompatability

Only biocrown and the biorestoration family include a biocertificate® with each case, guaranteeing the exact contents. No more impurities, no more guesswork. Just the plain facts on each and every biorestoration that you receive.

better guarentee

All biorestoration frames and copings carry a 5-year limited warranty against breakage of the coping or framework.

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